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MBAV and MBAIS are thrilled to once again support the work of the Ponting Foundation.

Funds raised through the Foundation's Biggest Game of Cricket campaign will help families of young Australians with cancer at their most vulnerable time.

Our 'MBAV/MBAIS Big Bash' game on Friday 23 February will not only be a fun day, it will be a great opportunity to raise money for the Ponting Foundation's projects.

Please donate to this great cause if you can, and spread the word to your family, friends and work mates.

Thanks in adavnce for your support.

Fundraising Organization Leaderboard

Raised Tally

  • $50 donations: AU $150
    50 100
    x 3
  • $20 donations: AU $40
    20 100
    x 2
  • Donation Amount: AU $20
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    x 2
  • $200 donations: AU $200
    200 100
    x 1