Full Stop Foundation


The Full Stop Foundation works to support the recovery of those who have experienced sexual violence, and to change the attitudes and behaviours that allow violence against women and children to occur.


24/7 telephone and online, and face to face trauma specialist counselling services offered by Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia and supported by the Full Stop Foundation help the thousands of people who experience sexual assault, domestic or family violence each year by:

  • empowering people to take steps towards recovery from violence – violence which has sometimes been experienced over many years
  • reducing the impacts of previous violence and trauma on day-to-day life – so that the violence no longer controls their lives

  • preventing further violence and achieve safety for them and their children - this might include talking to the police, taking out intervention orders against perpetrators, accessing emergency accommodation and crisis support

  • reconnecting or establishing new connections with people, activities and places -  this will support wellbeing

Research and experience show that those who experience sexual assault or domestic violence benefit from a specialist support service rather than general trauma counselling. For over 40 years, the evidence based and best practise trauma specialist counselling services developed by Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia have provided the first step back towards a normal life for anyone –who has experienced or is at risk of sexual assault, family or domestic violence and their non offending supporters. Last year our team of dedicated, compassionate professionals provided over 46,000 occasions of service to over 15,000 people who had been impacted by sexual assault or domestic violence through our services which include:

Supporting the Full Stop Foundation will drive change to create a society where sexual assault and domestic violence are no longer tolerated, while allowing anyone who has experienced sexual assault or domestic violence to access high quality care and support in their recovery.
With your help, we can end sexual assault and domestic violence – Full Stop.

Thank you!