Forever Friends Animal Rescue Latrobe

Forever Friends Animal Rescue Latrobe (FFARL) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of homeless animals in Latrobe, Gippsland. We save pets of good temperament from death-row in pounds and shelters, and place them in loving foster homes. Next, we list our rescue dogs and cats on where you can ‘meet’ them online and contact us about those you are interested in. We then have a short phone interview to make sure the pet sounds like a good match for your lifestyle, and then arrange a meet and greet. If you adopt a FFARL pet, you have the benefit of a four-week trial to ensure your new family member fits in well. Also, our behaviourist assists with any settling-in issues you may have, free of charge. FFARL guarantees we will always take back one of our rescue pets if you become unable to care for them. We are committed to the care of each FFARL pet for the remainder of their life.