Foodbank Victoria


Foodbank Victoria is an independent not for profit organisation that aims to deliver nutritious, healthy food to individuals and families experiencing hardship. With more than 85 year’s experience, Foodbank Victoria, is the state’s oldest and largest food relief organisation.  Last year we distributed 8.4 million kilograms to 459 charity partners across Victoria.  That’s the equivalent of 15 million meals.


Each year 4 million people in Australia go hungry and of those, 1 in 5 children. It’s a predicament largely hidden by stigma and shame, but the reality is we’re all likely to know someone who is affected. It’s not just people living on the street but people living in our street. Imagine the stress of not being able to provide food for yourself or your family. That’s the shocking reality for 18% of Australians this year.

 Foodbank Victoria not only plays a lead role in fighting hunger, but also plays a vitally important role in tackling Australia’s $20 billion food waste problem.

Whilst we feed 116,000 Victorians each month there are still many that go without.  We rely on your generous donations to help feed families in need.