Zibeon Fielding is a 24 year old man from Mimili Community and an Aboriginal Health Worker at 'Local' in the far-north-west region of South Australia on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankingtjara Lands(APY). Zibeon is determined, passionate and wants to help his people live long, healthy and happy lives.   

In 2016, Zibeon was selected into the Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP), a foundation established by World Champion Robert De Castella. A testament to his determined spirit, Zibeon tried out for the squad for four consecutive years before being accepted into the program. Zibeon has now trained under the IMP, completed a New York City Marathon and is now taking on his biggest challenge yet.

Please help Zibeon get people back home for treatment and give generously to help open the doors to the first remote dialysis clinic on the APY lands.


Zibeon’s challenge….and dream, is to run an Ultra Marathon - 62km from his community of Mimili, to neighbouring Indulkana. It's a long, long way...the length of ONE AND A HALF MARATHONS through harsh desert country and further than he has ever run before. 

As part of his training Zibeon is now set to run another ‘WORLD’S BIG SIX MARATHON’ in Boston (USA), April 16th 2018. (Proudly sponsored by Epic Good Foundation http://epicgood.com.au/)

With the support of the South Australian Film Corporation, Zibeon is filming his journey towards the run and will share the mental and physical obstacles he endures. He will reveal what's required to push the boundaries of ones physical capacity and provide an educational journey that allows the audience to share his pain, moments of doubt and absolutely dogged perseverance.

Zibeon will start his run on 20th of May.


The ultimate goal is to raise $50,000 for The Purple House – Western Desert Dialysis. The money will be used to help get the doors open at the first remote dialysis unit on the APY lands – Pukatja / Ernabella SA.

Opening in 2018, the new dialysis unit will provide much needed ‘on country’ dialysis for Anangu people. Indigenous people from remote Australia are being diagnosed with kidney failure at unprecedented rates and without ‘on country’ treatment options, dialysis patients are forced to relocate Alice Springs or Adelaide…many miles from home.

With every step he takes…millions over the 5 months training and 5+ hour final ultra marathon, Zibeon is striving to bring about positive change to all those he cares about and even to those he doesn't know yet. Zibeon hopes to reconnect old people with their homes and inspiring young people to do right by themselves.

With your help, Zibeon will get the doors open at the new Pukatja Dialysis Unit and start to bring people home to country and their families.


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Learn more about Zibeon – watch his IMP tryout story (https://vimeo.com/143513080?ref=em-share)

Raised Tally

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