The Day of Australia, the 26th of Jan... the Angels received a call for help. A puppy arrived, he was but so smol, an accidental litter, something was amiss with this little ones walk. Smol Pupper was quickly named Rollo, it suited him so. He has a loud little mouth, and a soul that shines bright like our Aussie sun. 

Rollo can definitely talk the talk, but so far - he can't walk the walk. A spinal injury and a suspected broken stifle (knee things and stuff) are holding this little pupper back from his big dreams of a long, healthy and happy (or is that yappy?) life. We have to change this, for Rollo. 

Rollo is ready to fight the good fight, but we need a little help in the dollars department to fight alongside him; he arrived with empty pockets and a sad little soul, but he knows he is safe, and things are looking up. Good things cost some pretty pennies, and our vet bills are stacking up. He has two emergency vet and a specialist visit under his belt already, and we're back tomorrow with our friends for further testing. Rollo promises to be brave for his big CT Scan, he knows this will help us help him! 
We're asking for Rollo-Dollos, and we promise virtual borks, puppy kisses and cuddles will come your way on this beautiful journey of Rollo's recovery. 

It's easy to donate and support Rollo, you can donate the amount of a coffee, a wine or really anything you like, a virtual 'cheers' to Rollo's recovery! 

Join us on Social Media (@perthrescueangels on Facebook and Instagram) to follow along on Rollo's journey. Thank you from the bottom of our big puppy breath filled hearts for contributing to our fundraising efforts, from Rollo and the Perth Rescue Angels. 

UPDATE : 29th Jan - 
Today Rollo is visiting the specialist and being an im-PAW-ent patient. Hes got his bags packed and he is ready to see what awaits him. 
fingers toes anad paws all crossed for this little fella! Please send good vibes his way! 

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