#SheCanBe safe, loved, empowered, fearless, respected and free.

But not if she, and thousands more like her remain trapped in a system of violence and discrimination.

Make a donation to ensure women in Asia Pacific can break the barriers holding them back.

Each dollar you donate will be matched by Shout up to $2000. 

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  • $10 will pay for 1 month of legal advice for garment workers in Cambodia
  • $30 will support one woman survivor of violence in Papua New Guinea to receive support, counselling and legal assistance
  • $60 will provide 2 months of food and resources for a crisis centre in Myanmar assisting survivors of human trafficking
  • $100 will fund 1 month of counselling and legal support in Cambodia to garment workers who have survived violence and abuse
Visit our website to discover how our partners' vital work supports women in Asia Pacific.

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