What is Angels Hope and Why
Angels Hopes campaign is solely to give the teenagers of today and parents the resources and tools to help get them through the barriers and mental health conditions that can be caused by bullying. The funds that are generated will enable Angels Hope to give a free resource to any child or parent in a PDF format. Also the funds raised can give the school of your choice a free membership package from Angels Hope.

Our fundraising Goal is $100.000 each team raises at least $150.00 by inviting friends and collegues to sponor them.

How can i be involved
Get a team together - 5 to 10 people per team then decide on a team leader, team name and Where and When.

If you would like to sign up now, Please click on start Fundraising button or click Here. Please read on for further Information.

Who can get involved.

Why join in.
Your paricipation can raise much needed funds that will enable our work. We work with Children and their families and the community.

Dont want to run or walk but still want to contribute.
If you don't run or walk, you can sponsor a cyclist by clicking on Find a Participant to Donate button and help them raise money!

It is with pleasure our organisation has this opportunity to introduce you to Angels Hope, Angels Hope was founded in September 2011 and had its national launch on 15 November 2012, after we realised through personal experience the devastating effects that bullying can have on the victim, their family and friends. We realised there was a shortage of organisations in Australia that targeted bullying as a priority.

My Daughter Chloe, was a difficult experience for our family to endure as the physical symptoms she developed as a direct result of bullying were horrendous. The clinical medical team who handled Chloe during her 5 month period of hospitalisation told us that Chloe had injuries that are exactly like a horrific car accident, they estimated it would take Chloe 2 years to get back to functioning. As the father of a bullied victim, I knew that I had to do something to help not only children but also affected adults, which is why Angels Hope was created- an organisation that is expanding at an alarming rate. Currently we are reaching an average of 30,000 visitors a week on Facebook at Facebook@globalkidsangels (6,000 of these are first time visitors, and this does not include our web page which is currently receiving 1000 visitors per week).

 In the last 12 months Angels hope have helped approximately 800 people directly and we believe thousands indirectly with our speak up page and our social media positive mentoring. What makes Angels hope social media interactions unique is that we actively help people every day. We also try to involve the whole community to create cultural change. Angels hope is implementing anti-bullying programs in schools, sporting organisations and workplaces throughout Australia. School will have a peer group of Angels hope supporters, to enable our organisation to have support networks in schools. Our internal system in schools gives the ownership to students with our mentoring and accountability programs. This would complement the work the school is already undertaking. Parents can become involved through social media. We will also have a mentoring system outside the school community. 

We allso have a website here   and our Facebook page .

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