We are a worldwide group of over 8000 Midnight Oil fans from the casual listeners to hardcore fanatics.  

The Purple House is one of the organisations we are working with as they’re also close to the heart of Midnight Oil.  Each year, we try to obtain a number of Midnight Oil related items to sell to other Powderworkers where the profits can go to The Purple House.  

As well, on Sydney Harbour each November, we hold our Boat to Goat where a portion of each ticket to this event goes to The Purple House.  

We hope we can get as many Powderworkers to become and remain community-minded for wonderful causes like this. 

Raised Tally

  • Donation Amount: AU $45
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    x 2
  • $20 donations: AU $40
    20 100
    x 2
  • Kangaroo tail for dinners: AU $10
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    x 1
  • Batch of bush medicines: AU $50
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    x 1
  • A woolly beanie to keep warms: AU $20
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    x 1