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The Jonesys are walking 1,800kms, through the centre of the Australian Outback.  We will be crossing some amazing landscapes and even more amazing communities.  

As part of our LIVE KIND and LIVE GREAT mission, we always want to give more than we recieve and support and engage with others doing great things along the way.  

The Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku (WDNWPT) – or Western Desert Dialysis, is one of those great organizations doing great things.  More lovingly known as The Purple House by patients, their families and the communities, WDNWPT provides necessary treatment to people in the remote Australian Western Desert regions, when a person’s kidneys stop working and are therefore no longer able get rid of toxins and excess fluid in the body. Without treatment they will pass away.

Kidney failure is one of the most significant and serious issues facing Aboriginal communities today.

Treatment is required three times a week for around 5 hours each session.  For people who live in communities where treatment is not available, being diagnosed with kidney failure means moving in to town and having limited opportunities to safely return home.

Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku name means ‘Making all our families well’ in the Pintupi Luritja language which recognises that people must be able to stay on country to look after and be looked after by their families.

By supporting WDNWPT, you are helping people get safely home where they can participate in community life, pass along valuable cultural knowledge down to their grandchildren, and help create stronger, healthier communities.

We love what they do, hope you will too and we would love your support!!! 


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Raised Tally

  • Donation Amount: AU $3,163
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    x 19
  • Tank of fuel to get home for dialyses: AU $400
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    x 4
  • $500 donations: AU $1,500
    500 100
    x 3
  • $100 donations: AU $300
    100 100
    x 3
  • $20 donations: AU $60
    20 100
    x 3
  • $50 donations: AU $150
    50 100
    x 3
  • $200 donations: AU $200
    200 100
    x 1
  • Dialysis treatment on countries: AU $500
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    x 1
  • Kangaroo tail for dinners: AU $10
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    x 1
  • Batch of bush medicines: AU $50
    Bush medicine 100 4c8ae242 5fb4 4e4d b3c6 084c03b50f48
    x 1