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Make a donation, pay less tax and help reunite families! 

Purple House is a home away from home for Indigenous dialysis patients and their families across remote Australia. We're run by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people based in a residential house in a suburb of Alice Springs.

Your donation helps get patients back home to remote communities across the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia for remote dialysis treatment.

Remote Indigenous people are up to 30 times more likely to experience kidney disease than other Australians. Patients with end-stage renal failure are forced to leave their country and come to regional centres for treatment indefinitely. Communities are left without leadership, families are broken and culture is weakened.

Since its establishment 2003, Purple House operates more than 14 remote dialysis clinics and a mobile dialysis unit called the Purple Truck to help patients return home so that families and culture can remain strong. It also offers social support and aged care services in some regions.

What are we raising money for? 

New clinics!

In 2018-19 we're working to open new dialysis clinics in Pukatja/Ernabella, Utopia, Ampilawatja and Kalkarindji. These small Aboriginal communities have been waiting many years to be able to get their loved ones safely back home…. And this is their chance! 

From nurses wages to power, water, bills, operating remote dialysis clinics are expensive. Every new clinic costs at least $150,000 to open its doors. This brings us to grand total of $450,000 required to ensure that we can get people home and treated for the first year at all these locations.

Purple House will be contributing $150,000 from savings from our Bush Balms sales and previously donated funds. We will working with Community Members, Art Centres and other Organisations to raise $150,000. This leaves us $150,000 short of our target. Please give generously and remember every cent helps. Tell your friends, share on Facebook and help spread the word. 

It sounds like a mammoth task...and it is! But with your help we CAN make this happen.

Thank you for your kind support!

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Raised Tally

  • Donation Amount: AU $18,265
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    x 62
  • $50 donations: AU $2,550
    50 100
    x 51
  • $100 donations: AU $4,200
    100 100
    x 42
  • $20 donations: AU $820
    20 100
    x 41
  • $200 donations: AU $4,400
    200 100
    x 22
  • $500 donations: AU $9,500
    500 100
    x 19
  • Batch of bush medicines: AU $250
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    x 5
  • Tank of fuel to get home for dialyses: AU $400
    Fuel 100 5b82bde6 6aaf 493f 8d9a 0cb92c7ad12c
    x 4
  • A woolly beanie to keep warms: AU $20
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    x 1
  • Dialysis treatment on countries: AU $500
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    x 1
  • Kangaroo tail for dinners: AU $10
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    x 1