Arthritis is the 2nd leading cause of disability and pain.  Arthritis pain can be so bad that it’s like a knife in your joints yet because it's invisible, it doesn't get the support or funding of other diseases.

Nearly 3 million Australians of all ages are affected by arthritis - including 6,000 kids.  Yet there are only 9 full-time paediatric specialists to treat them. So most kids wait months or years to get the treament they need.
TOGETHER we can find a cure and provide better support for both kids and adults with arthritis.

Please help by donating now. Your donation will fund:

• Research for a cure
• Information & support
• Training more paedriatic specialists
• Help for when you, your family, or friends need it
Donations are tax deductible.  More information on arthritis in kids is available here.