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Jump for Jane is a skydive with a difference! Feel the adrenaline of falling 14,000 feet and help those affected by breast cancer in Western Australia.

Last year over 40 amazing people took part in the day, enjoying the beautiful scenery as they made the ultimate commitment to support Breast Cancer Care WA. Since 2013, these amazing adventurers have raised around $250,000 for Breast Cancer Care WA by throwing themselves out of a perfectly good plane!

Jump for Jane was started in memory of Jane Loring, a Breast Cancer Care WA board member who sadly passed away from breast cancer in 2013. 

This event is only possible thanks to the involvement of Skydive Australia. You can rest assured knowing they have completed 18,000 successful tandem skydives at the Rockingham location. 

When: October and November 2019
Costs: Discounted registration fee of $279 for individual jumps. Corporate teams jump for free. All jumpers must meet minimum fundraising targets.

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