Hey! Happy birthday! Thank you for being the most awesome kind of pet lover and giving up your birthday gifts to help rescue pets in need.
You can choose to make a one-off donation to PetRescue with your birthday money. You can share this page with your family and friends, asking them to make a donation to your chosen birthday cause. Or, click ‘Start Fundraising’ to create your very own birthday fundraising page and invite your family and friends to add their gifts and birthday messages.
We hope you have the best birthday, and thanks again for including us in your celebrations!
If you have any questions or require additional info, please email supporters@petrescue.org.au or contact us on (08) 92006224.

Raised Tally

  • $20 donations: AU $100
    20 100
    x 5
  • $50 donations: AU $50
    50 100
    x 1