A celebration of Gary Cox's diverse musical interests will be held on the 7th April 2019 at The Charles Hotel, North Perth (3-6 pm beer garden, 7-10.30 pm main room). Proceeds from this tribute show will support SAFE (Saving Animals from Euthanasia) an organisation who rescues and rehomes animals using the foster care model - see safe.org.au.

Gary Cox, a well-known Perth guitarist originally from Newcastle UK, unexpectedly passed away on the 18th March. His passion for animals, particularly dogs, may have rivalled his love of music. We are grateful to Perth’s musicians who are coming together to put on an incredible show in his memory, to support this cause which is close to his heart.  

Entry to the tribute night is by note ($5+) donation either on the door or online. Please bring evidence of your donation (e.g. on phone, or printed receipt). Note: online donation does not guarantee admission if the venue is at capacity.

Raised Tally

  • $50 donations: AU $350
    50 100
    x 7
  • $20 donations: AU $100
    20 100
    x 5
  • Donation Amount: AU $21
    Customshout 400x400 389c5c16045a28284b1d05819a5d601af55ae4522edc9849197d916678910cd1
    x 2
  • $100 donations: AU $100
    100 100
    x 1