The consequences of family violence stem far beyond the physical and emotional impacts.

Many women who experience family violence have few financial resources, often as a result of the relationship. This makes leaving the relationship incredibly difficult. Many women are faced with having to couch surf, live in their car or worse, on the streets. Some return to their abusive partner, hoping things will change, so they can have a roof over their head.

Good Shepherd not only provides a safe place to stay for women fleeing family violence but also works to help them rebuild their lives. The Good Shepherd family violence program provides crucial support such as emergency accommodation and advice on how to begin re-establishing a life free from violence, including dealing with the family court and how to stay safe. 

Your donation will help us provide emergency shelter and the support they need to re-establish a life free from violence.

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Our vision is to create an emotionally, economically and
physically safe world, especially for women and girls

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