Help us get patients back home to Papunya, Docker River & Mt Liebig for remote dialysis treatment.

We are a registered charity so all donations over $2 are receipted and 100% tax deductible.

Western Desert Dialysis have been provided with a long awaited opportunity to initiate dialysis services in the remote central Australian communities of Docker River, Papunya & Mt Liebig! These small Aboriginal communities have been waiting many years to be able to get their families safely home on dialysis…. And this is their chance!


What are we raising money for?

The Northern Territory Government are building the infrastructure for dialysis units in these communities and they have asked us to provide the dialysis services. However, to do so we must raise the money needed to run these sites! Our major expense in operating these sites will be nurses wages however also include power, water, phones etc.

It sounds like a mammoth task...and it is! So check out the breakdown below and feel empowered...together we CAN make this happen.

  • We need to raise $150,000 per site.
  • This brings us to grand total of $450,000 required to ensure that we can get people home and treated for the first year at all three locations.
  • Purple House will be contributing $150,000 from savings from our Bush Balms sales and previously donated funds.
  • We will working with Community Members, Art Centres and other Organisations to raise $150,000
  • This leaves us $150,000 short of our target. Please give generously and remember every cent helps. Tell your friends, share on Facebook and help spread the word. 

Who are we?

Western Desert Dialysis (otherwise known as Purple House) provides dialysis in the most remote parts of central Australia. Remote indigenous people in this area are 15 to 30 times more likely to suffer from kidney disease, which is caused by a wide variety of factors. Patients with end stage kidney disease must move off their country and come to Alice Springs for dialysis treatment. Consequently, communities are left without their elders and leaders, families are broken and they worry for their culture and futures. Patients suffer from isolation and depression, restricted by the requirement of proximity to a dialysis machine for their foreseeable future. Our aim is to improve the lives of Indigenous people with kidney disease by providing dialysis services in remote communities so that our families and culture can remain strong. We are an Indigenous organisation, a not-for-profit and a registered charity.

Thank You for your kind support.

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Raised Tally

  • Donation Amount: AU $14,151
    x 46
  • $50 donations: AU $1,700
    x 34
  • $20 donations: AU $680
    x 34
  • $100 donations: AU $2,800
    x 28
  • $200 donations: AU $2,400
    x 12
  • $500 donations: AU $5,500
    x 11
  • Batch of bush medicines: AU $250
    x 5
  • Tank of fuel to get home for dialyses: AU $400
    x 4
  • A woolly beanie to keep warms: AU $20
    x 1
  • Dialysis treatment on countries: AU $500
    x 1
  • Kangaroo tail for dinners: AU $10
    x 1