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Partner with Hagar and Corrs to support the Hagar Catch-up school in Cambodia.

Multiple research studies indicate that a nutritious supplementary breakfast improves disadvantaged children's  growth and academic scores.  

In working with a nutritionist, Hagar currently provides daily breakfast consisting of a serving of protein,  carbohydrates and fibre.  Additionally, the children are provided with fortified snacks and soya milk at midday.  Hagar provides a total of 10 different breakfasts, which change daily.  

Raised Tally

  • Donation Amount: AU $2,222
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    x 18
  • Catch up schooling for a child for 8 weeks: AU $700
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    x 14
  • School uniform and stationary for one children: AU $180
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    x 6
  • New books for the libraries: AU $750
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    x 3
  • Daily nutritious breakfast for 1 months: AU $72
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    x 2
  • Social worker salary for 1 weeks: AU $150
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    x 1