This Christmas, can you give a child recovering from trauma the opportunity to live with a safe and loving family?      

Sadly, for some children, it is not safe to live with their own family. Children like Vatey, one of Hagar’s young clients in Cambodia.

When Vatey was young, her parents would leave Vatey and her siblings at home and head out to catch seafood to sell. One night, Vatey’s parents asked the neighbours to look after their children.

Tragically, while they were gone, Vatey was raped.

Although the crime was reported to the police, the perpetrator remained in her community and it was no longer safe for her to live at home.

This was when she was referred to Hagar.

For the past three years, Vatey has lived with her foster mum, King, her foster dad, Sok. Asked what she most likes about living with her foster family, she replies:

“I like living here because I can go to school. I can study. I can get knowledge.”

Foster mum, King, just loves seeing her children thrive. And so do we.

This Christmas, please take a moment to give the gift of family to a young person like Vatey. Your gift will ensure that they have the best chance to build a successful life too.

Here are some of the ways you can help:

  •        $30 can buy a school uniform and stationery for a foster child starting school
  •        $81 can support a child in foster care for a month

  •        $205 can provide medical care for five foster children
  •        $500 can help make a foster home safe and secure so children are protected 

Thank you most sincerely for your generous support of children like Vatey. 
Together, we can help children who have been trafficked or abused heal and
build a new life.