We are quickly approaching that time of year again, one of the most important times of the year for children is the gift of Christmas. Unfortunately, not all children are as fortunate as we are here in Australia, where we celebrate Christmas with an abundance of food and presents. The average Australian spends $1,075 on Christmas gifts alone. 

Many impoverished children in Vietnam and Mongolia go without any sort of Christmas celebration every year, as their families simply cannot afford it.

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Give-1-Ger This Christmas
Shelter truly is a necessity and something that we here in Australia regularly take for granted. By putting a warm, sturdy and safe roof over a family it is a special and heartwarming experience to help those who have endured such struggle and desperation in their lives. 

Thanks to numerous donations, we have been able to provide a family in great need of shelter, a home of their own and somewhere to celebrate Christmas all together.

This Christmas we ask you to make a donation to our Give-A-Ger Program to help provide an impoverished family with a safe and warm place to spend this special time of year.

For only AUD$3,500 we can provide a furnished Ger for a family during the minus 40 degree temperatures during winter over Christmas.

Give-A-Ger | CNCF Mongolia 

Raised Tally

  • Give-A-Ger reds: AU $200
    x 2
  • Give-A-Ger blues: AU $50
    x 2
  • $200 donations: AU $200
    x 1
  • $500 donations: AU $500
    x 1
  • $100 donations: AU $100
    x 1
  • Give-A-Ger yellows: AU $200
    x 1