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MBAV and MBAIS are proud to support the work of the Ponting Foundation through its Biggest Game of Cricket fundraiser.

Our 'MBAV/MBAIS Big Bash' game on 23 February is a great way to have some fun and raise much-needed funds at the same time.

Please help out by donating to this page and by spreading the word to your friends, work mates and family by sharing this page.

Thanks in advance for your support.


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Raised Tally

  • $50 donations: AU $150
    50 100
    x 3
  • Donation Amount: AU $20
    Customshout 400x400 389c5c16045a28284b1d05819a5d601af55ae4522edc9849197d916678910cd1
    x 2
  • $20 donations: AU $20
    20 100
    x 1
  • $200 donations: AU $200
    200 100
    x 1