ANZ Tasmania TLC For Kids 

In harnessing our passion for local community, we are proud to announce that we will be raising funds for the charity TLC for kids.

TLC for Kids is the leading Australian children's charity helping sick kids and their families with the challenges of everyday life with illness. Whether it's a one-off hospital visit or a prolonged struggle with illness, TLC are part of the extended support network for sick children, aiming to reduce stress and help everyone face what's ahead.

Our challenge is to raise $10,000 as a Tasmanian region, so 11 Relationship Managers in the Region have committed to either shave their head, or colour their hair ANZ blue. If we succeed in raising $10,000 then our very own Regional Executive Chris Sparks will also be shaving his head! Chris will then join our Senior Managers in visiting clients and members of the wider community who have donated.

The hair of the participants will be shaved or coloured on the pavement right outside of both the Burnie, Devonport Launceston & Hobart business centres on the 25th of September.

Raised Tally

  • Donation Amount: AU $100
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