The ANZ team in Northern Melbourne’ are proud to be hosting  our inaugural TLC for Kids, Fundraising Day on Friday 6th September 2019.

Fundraising Activity

The Day will comprise of your relationship team working in the business of the highest bidding customer from 10am to 3pm.

This provides the successful bidder an opportunity to have your banking team completing whatever tasks (as long as they are OH&S compliant) you desire. No doubt your banking team is highly regarded therefore I’m sure there will be some keen bidding activity and ideas being thought of as to how you can get your banking teams hands dirty for the day!!

TLC For Kids

TLC for kids is the leading Australian children’s charity helping sick kids and their families with the challenges of everyday life with illness. Whether it’s a one-off hospital visit or a prolonged struggle with illness, TLC are part of the extended support network for sick children, aiming to reduce stress and help everyone face what’s ahead. For more information about TLC for Kids please visit their website

All funds raised from the TLC for Kids Fundraising Day will go towards the TLC Ambulance Programme. The TLC Ambulance will be delivering special moments to sick children in palliative care, transporting them to their most treasured places to experience that joy again – perhaps for the final time.

Please get behind this fantastic cause, as your generosity will directly help a child or family going through a difficult time.



The bidding process will by via email and will commence from Monday 19/08/19 and finish at 4pm on Friday 30/08/2019, please submit your bid to your Relationship Manager or Assistant Manager. At the completion of the bidding process the highest bidder will be notified by your banking team. This will allow 2 weeks to plan how you will utilise your banking teams time.

If you doubt your banking teams ability to work in your business and/or would prefer to make a donation you can do so via the following link;

All donations to TLC for Kids are tax deductable.

If you require more information please reach out to your Relationship Manager or Assistant Manager as they would greatly welcome your interest and support.

Happy Bidding!!

Raised Tally

  • Donation Amount: AU $13,003
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