The Mountain Critter Cause:

Inspire, Motivate & Give back is what being a part of the #mountainCritterCause is all about.

The Mountain Critter Cause is back for its second year, this year raising funds for the Endangered Mountain Pygmy Possum - a species on the brink of extinction and endemic to the Australian alpine ecosystem.

Funds will be directly funnelled to a captive breeding and release program managed by the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife, a not for profit conservation focused organisation.

Together we are raising exposure for this campaign to raise funds for the Mountain Pygmy Possum,
If you would like to get involved this is how you can!

INSPIRE - Inspire friends and others and raise awarenes by sharing your photos from your backcountry ski and snowboard adventures in the mountains this winter with link to our instagram page @Mountain_Critter_Cause  &  #MountainCritterCause  if possible a link to our fundraising page use this short link - http://bit.ly/2aaU409 


MOTIVATE - Motivate yourself and others with Vertically Challenged - a personal physical challenge of vertical metres of ski/snowboard descent, with elevation acquired only on foot - no lifts, just hiking and ski touring.  Set your personal goal in vertical metres in descent and try to beat it (e.g. 2,000 metres vert descent this winter or 3 backcountry trips this winter) @Mountain_Critter_Cause  or #MountainCritterCause and #VerticallyChallenged with photo evidence and a brief story of your adventures on social media - there will be a prize for the best photo and story at the end of the snow season.

AND GIVE BACK - Donate money to the cause and/or share the link to encourage others to donate to the cause.  This is a great way to give back to the alpine environment that we take so much joy from.

Core Foundraising will be taking place at these locations

Backcountry Film Festival
All donations for entry to the Backcountry Film Festival 11 August 2016 held at the Mont Adventure Equipment store, Fishwyck.

SplitFest Down Under 2016 - Our friends at Splitfest DownUnder will be donating all funds raised from their raffel draw of top of the line split boarding apparel. www.splitfest.com.au

NSW word of mouth guide book - Launch party - 9th December 
www.wordofmouthguide.com is launching in december and have agreed to raise money on the night.


The saftey of yourself and others in the backcountry is extremely important. Make sure you are prepared and have the right gear and knowledge and seek profesional training and advice if you're unsure. Guide's and courses are available to teach you how to safely use the backcountry and teach you more about avalanche and emergency responses to situations. 

Any hashtages to #MountainCritterCause  and @Moutain_Crittter_Cause gives us permisions to re-post your image on our Instagram and Facebook pages and may appear on the website.  We will do our best to credit you and the photographer and we thank you for your support.

Enjoy winter from the team behind Mountain Critter Cause.