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Well, a little Birdie didn't tell me much at all to be honest, mostly because Birdie is a cat. 


Some of you may even remember Birdie; we have featured her on our page a few times, her story goes a little like this: 


July 2017; a lovely senior tabby kitty with a massive tumour growing on her foot comes into care. She is skin and bone, she is about 15 years old, and like all of our other cats and kittens - she has no where else to turn. 

We opt for amputation of that pesky, huge tumour and our vet gives us a very realistic timeframe for the rest of her life - 1 week. Ouch, so we find her care with one of our own. We set about spoiling her 2.4kg, well underweight body, with all the BBQ chicken, tuna, roast beef and snacks she can possibly enjoy... and she sure enjoys them. So much so, Birdie gained weight, made friends with her fellow foster siblings and lived a week, then another. Weeks turned into months... and here she is today weighing in at a massive 5.7kg and living her best life again! 

Birdie is spending the night at our vet tonight, after going under anaesthesia to biopsy a nasty looking growth in her ear. We all have our paws crossed that it won't be anything serious for this tough little cookie! 

We're asking for help to pay off this little vet bill; in the hopes we can keep ahead of anything that comes about for Birdie, and to continue saying a resounding YES to all the 'birdie's' that need our help. 

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