This year’s appeal highlights the importance of community and the roles that we all play in order to strengthen the bonds that join the whole Cora Barclay Centre community together. This is our village.  I am certain that you’ve heard the timeless quote “it takes a village to raise a child”. Well, this is the perfect analogy for the Centre and all who contribute to its ongoing success. In order for our village to continue to deliver positive outcomes for children who are deaf and their families, we need the support of our community.

Nearly 80% of children who graduate from our Early Intervention Program have the same speech, language and comprehension of their hearing peers. They go onto attending a mainstream school, become fiercely independent and armed with skills that enables them to advocate for who they are and what they need to achieve.

A donation from you today builds the very pathway they need to go on to achieving this.

We are so very thankful for any donation (big or small) and feel so incredibly lucky to have people like you supporting the future of our community.

Thank you for what you are about to do! 


Raised Tally

  • $100 donations: AU $500
    x 5
  • $200 donations: AU $1,000
    x 5
  • Donation Amount: AU $1,304
    x 5
  • $50 donations: AU $200
    x 4
  • $20 donations: AU $40
    x 2
  • $500 donations: AU $500
    x 1