Epilepsy Foundation

Did you know that there are currently nearly 1 million people in Australia who have been diagnosed with epilepsy at some stage in their life? Or that close to 6 people per week die as a result of their epilepsy?

The Victorian Department of Health lists epilepsy in the top 5 causes of avoidable deaths, untimely and unnecessary deaths, for people aged 5 - 29.

Epilepsy is a lifelong issue and something people who are diagnosed with have to live with every single day. This is why we've made it our mission to provide support, information and education services to ensure people with epilepsy feel safe and connected. Together we can make a difference for people of all ages, who live with epilepsy.

With epilepsy impacting the lives of so many, we must raise community awareness and understanding about epilepsy. This common neurological condition needs to be understood so that people do not experience the isolation or segregation that often comes with the condition.

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