Australian Refugee Volunteers Inc

Australian Refugee Volunteers (ARV) is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit, non-religious and non-political organisation based in Sydney, Australia. As we are volunteer run and use office space that has been generously donated, 0% of your donation will go to salaries or rent. The main objective of ARV is to improve the lives of children from asylum seeker and refugee backgrounds.
Often fleeing from their homeland due to tragedies such as political upheaval, persecution, war or poverty, those from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds can suffer great personal loss and trauma. In order to improve their situations, and aid in integrating families  into Sydney society, ARV receives referrals of children from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds from various caseworkers around Sydney. The organisation has established a number of programs that include art workshops, sport days, social outings and school holiday camps for these children, and aim to assist our clients through the development of self-confidence,  reading and writing capabilities, and social and leadership skills – all with the ultimate goal of aiding in developing their personal and cultural identities. In so doing, we also contribute to easing loneliness and isolation, as well as improving the physical and mental health of our clients