Australian Red Cross

We save lives and support people before and after disasters strike. We work to alleviate suffering during wars and conflict and promote the laws of war. And we work to assist our most vulnerable community members - no matter their circumstances.
We work with politicians, policy-makers, organisations and the public to improve the situation of the most vulnerable people in Australia and around the world.
We advocate based on direct experience and evidence, and empower people to speak out and take action to improve their lives.
We will always focus on the needs and perspectives of vulnerable people, in our areas of expertise.
Save a Mate
With $25, you can help give a young person the information and skills they need to help their mates in a drug or alcohol-related emergency.
With $50, you can ensure an isolated and vulnerable person will hear a reassuring voice at the end of the phone every day for a month.
Help people to be prepared for a disaster 
Floods, cyclones, or bushfires may not be something we think about every day, but they can strike at any time, and disrupt lives in many different ways. 
With $100, you can help providing 40 households with Red Cross Emergency REDiplan materials to help them prepare for disaster. They are a range of helpful resources that can prepare people to cope better and reduce the impacts of an emergency if one is to occur. 
Water and Sanitation
$150 will help to provide a family with hygienic toilet facilities to prevent the spread of illness and disease. 
A simple toilet that we take for granted can have an amazing impact in countries like East Timor, Laos or Cambodia where many people suffer from poor hygiene and sanitation. We aim to improve the health outcomes of vulnerable village communities through better water access, latrine construction, hygiene promotion, and the establishment of healthy cooking demonstration groups. 
This donation will help Red Cross invest in safe water, build more toilets for thousands who need them, and allow many more people in Asia and the Pacific to live with the dignity and hygiene that we all deserve.