Ardoch has provided educational support to children and young people in disadvantaged communities for 30 years. We partner with schools and early years services to deliver tailored education support programs that aim to increase engagement in education, build aspirations, enhance learning outcomes and increase the confidence

of children and young people living in disadvantaged communities.  We do this by mobilising community and workplace volunteers to support partner schools and early childhood services. We also advocate for and seek to influence policy change to reduce inequity in education. 


Ardoch’s programs support the education of children by developing skills in literacy and numeracy, providing positive adult role models and developing social skills in children and young people in need of additional support.  We have three key program areas:


- Literacy Support

- STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Support

- Broadening Horizons


A key facet of Ardoch’s model is to work intensively in areas facing high disadvantage through our Place-Based Work. This is where dedicated Ardoch staff work with schools and early years services in a region to develop multiple programs that respond to the specific needs of the children in the local communities as identified by our school and early years partners.  Our place-based regions are Melbourne’s Western suburbs, Frankston, Geelong and Dandenong.

In 2018, Ardoch partnered with 105 primary schools, secondary schools and early learning centres, mobilised 1,718 volunteers and supported the education of 15,385 children and young people living in disadvantaged communities around Australia.