Amnesty International Australia

Amnesty International has special expertise when it comes to ending human rights abuses in times of conflict and war.

Our researchers risk their lives on the ground to document what's happening. Their field experience means they get vital first-hand testimony from people who have suffered terrible human rights abuses. We get help, hold perpetrators to account and stop more abuses from happening. With your support, real change is possible. 
A gift from you could go towards:
  • $20 First aid kits - we go to places where medical help is limited or non-existent.
  • $50 GPS trackers - technology helps us track our team and keep them safe in unstable situations.
  • $100 Cameras - we gather evidence - some too horrible to show - as proof to hold perpetrators to account.
  • $200 Satellite phones  - we're often in places so remote, mobile phones don't work. It's essential we get our stories out as soon as possible.