Australian Children's Music Foundation (ACMF)

The Australian Children’s Music Foundation provides free, long term music programs and instruments to disadvantaged and Indigenous children across Australia, inspiring creativity and imagination while nurturing self-esteem and confidence.

Worldwide research has proven that participation in music making has significant educational, emotional and social benefits, particularly for those children who have been abused, traumatised or ill-treated and for children who are in need of solace and hope.

Music can change lives.

However, 75% of Australian public schools do not have dedicated music teachers, and there are even less opportunities for children outside of the education system – particularly for those in the Juvenile Justice system. The children who are most in need of the transformative benefits that music can bring to their lives are being ignored.

For the growing number of children who suffer trauma, hopelessness or despair, your support for the ACMF can help make lives worth living.

The ACMF engages specialist music teachers to bring music lessons to disadvantaged and Indigenous children and youth across Australia. Activity can take place at schools, drop-in centres, Juvenile Justice Centres, PCYCs or children’s hospitals – using existing local networks and infrastructure to identify and connect with those most at need. We make a difference to the lives of these children.

Donations to the ACMF are tax deductible, and you will receive a tax receipt by email after you complete the donation process.

Just $300 will give a child music lessons for an entire year!