A Perfect Foundation

A Perfect Foundation is a For-Social Change Organisation created to educate and empower local communities in remote global regions to make a sustainable difference. Founded by a group of surfers who wanted to give back to the island communities they frequently visit,  they have been working together with local communities and its members to help reduce plastic waste ever since.
A Perfect Foundation established the very first Education and Environmental Centre in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia in 2015, and have now taught over 500 adults and children essential English skills providing better employment opportunities to work within the growing tourism industry in this region.  They also collaborate with other NGO's and have distributed life-saving water filters in two remote villages in partnership with Waves For Water as well as working on community projects with organisations in Bali and the Maldives. They have developed the first recycling and waste management program in the Mentawai Islands, sourcing a viable mode of transport to ship the sorted plastic waste back to the mainland to the Recycling Centre which is then bought and shipped domestically for production. All our programs are environmentally based to educate these remote communities on the importance of sustainability and implementing effective systems for the future incorporating the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. 
Our long-term goal is to continue developing and expanding the recycling program and develop a business model for local communities to reproduce products made from the plastic waste creating a sustainable tourism industry.